Monday, April 28, 2014

Atheistic religion

Recently I saw a documentary about Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss having seminars and discussions about importance of science. While listening Mr. Kraus I couldn't help getting the feeling, that he started to sound more and more like a preacher himself. Preaching for the science. Arguments of Richard Dawkins were controlled and clear, but when the discussions got heated, he also got almost fanatic tone.

Mr Dawkins and Mr. Kraus have a mission. Mission to explain the world trough science. So they are missionaries of great knowledge that research and theoretical science has brought to us. Is this how new religion starts - religion of science. Are they creating a new God?

The Great God of Knowledge and scientists as his prophets.

I think there is at least a little similitude to religious preaching. In their heated discussions and seminars they start acting like dogmatic scholars. Maybe it is too harsh to say that, but I can't help get the feeling.

Thinking about science as a new religion is a fascinating thought. We could get all those scientific publications, books, theories and opinions collected into one great book: Bible of Great Knowledge with... infinite amount of pages and ever changing data. Temples of this new great scientific God would rise and countless different religious convictions would emerge.

Well, lets not get carried away, but I wonder if Mr. Dawkins and Mr. Krauss unwillingly could turn their well intended atheistic mission into some sort of new religion.

I am not a religious person. I do not know if there is some kind of God and I could not care less if there were. But I think that we really do not know what is the ultimate truth and whats beyond.

I think we know fuck all.

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